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TrueBeam™ Radiation Therapy

We provide comprehensive care in our offices, from diagnosis and treatment to supportive integrative therapies. With a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art imaging technology, we eliminate the need for patients to visit multiple locations. Our staff also stays up to date on the latest medical advancements in cancer care, providing an individualized treatment plan that is tailored just for your needs.

Alaska Cancer Treatment Center was an early proponent of the usage of TrueBeam™ Radiation Therapy and we were the first to bring it to the state. We were the first facility in Alaska to implement its usage. Its effectiveness at targeting specific areas of cancer cell sites and delivering direct radiation therapy has proven to be quick, accurate, and a more precise form of treatment. That is why we choose to use it in our facility, echoing our commitment to honor “a new vision of how to deliver healthcare.”

Beth Steven,
Cancer patient

They made mefeel like I was their only patient, not just another number. The care I received during this difficult time was truly amazing.

Bringing advanced integrative medicine to Alaska.

Commitment and technology.

"The team is committed to brining the latest technologies and advanced treatment options."

Edward Smith,
Cancer patient

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