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Complimentary Qigong and Tai Chi Classes for all Patients

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What is Qigong?

The Chinese call the energy in a person’s body ‘qi’. The word ‘gong’ means ‘the flow of’ or ‘the practice of.' Thus, Qigong is the practice of energy. The Chinese have been practicing Qigong for over twenty-five hundred years (that’s 2500 years in written documents, over 5000 years in pictures and carvings on cave walls) and is commonly practiced in most hospitals in China as an adjunct to everyday medical practice. Medical doctors in China prescribe Qigong for prevention and maintenance of illness.

There are three levels of Qigong practice. The first level involves the performance of the movements. Secondly, breathing becomes significant as there are actually four parts to breathing; the inhale, short pause, the exhale, and a short pause. These first two steps lead to the third, which is a very relaxed, meditative state. The Chinese refer to this as the ‘Nothingness’. It is in this state that change and healing begins.


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They made mefeel like I was their only patient, not just another number. The care I received during this difficult time was truly amazing.

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The gong.
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